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Why to build a prefabricated metal house?

Our technology is to construct the bearing metal structure of the house, and then to clad it with magnesium panels, with stone wool in the middle and plasterboard on the inside. With this prefabricated house technology very good thermal insulation is achieved.
* Magnesium panels do not produce smoke and are safe. They do not contain any asbestos elements that are harmful to human health. The material they are made of is processed  through  antistatic treatment and special ingredients are added to it to increase its resistance. The face of the magnesium panels  is smooth and free of air bubbles, does not react with halogen elements and does not stain, remaining  naturally smooth.

Construction Scheme

1. Bearing  structure
  - Steel frames made of steel columns, steel beams - roofing, windproof  elements. Designed to absorb the loads of earthquake, wind and snow.
  - Corrosion protection - steel profiles are primed with a 3 in 1 primer.
2. Walls and ceilings
    2.1/ Outer walls:
         - Dry scratched plaster, terracotta, putty, EPS 10cm, adhesive for thermal insulation, magnesium panel 9mm;
         - Front cover of metal profiles and 5 cm stone wool with a density  of 50 kg / m3.
         - One layer of drywall;
         - Putty and paint (white).
     2.2. Internal partition walls:
         - Two layers of plasterboard and 10 cm mineral wool;
         - Putty and paint (white).
     2.3. Ceilings
         - Suspended plasterboard ceiling and wadding;
         - Putty and paint (white).
3. The roof
   - Tiles, parodyfusion foil, planking, mineral wool with a thickness of at least 10 cm;
   - Eaves- OSB;
   - Gutters - PVC or other (at customer's request);
   - Lightning rod;
   - Front decorative boards.
4. Ventilation and heating
   - Ventilation openings, complete construction of chimney of concrete chimney units, connection for absorber.
5. Installations
   - Plumbing and electrical installation;
   - Cables (in Electro part projects);
   - Electric cable and facade terminal.
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