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Prefabricated house with metal structure of 197 m²

• This is a family house intended for year-round use.
• Number of bedrooms - 3
• Living room with kitchen and dining area
Bathroom with WC and laundry room -2
• Veranda
• Storeroom
  • Situation and function
    The building subject to this design is two-storey residential building with an area of 180 m².
    The building has been developed as a standard conceptual design for a single-family house that meets the needs of one family. The exterior dimensions of 14,50 x 6,50 m. make it universal to fit it in most real estates  with minimal face to the street  of 12.50 - 20.50 m². It is provided with a veranda that faces to south or east depending on the orientation of the house.
  • Construction
    The construction of the building is planned to be made of metal columns and beams, and a wooden roof structure, on a pre-constructed reinforced concrete foundation, in which the plumbing and electrical communications will be laid in advance. The roof is intended to be constructed with a wooden structure that steps on the metal beams. It is designed with a 17% double-slope covered by Bramac tiles.
  • Distribution
    The house consists of an entrance hall, a living room with a kitchen, a 3 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms with WC, Storeroom and a veranda. The flooring is granite or laminate, depending on the type of rooms. Underneath it is XPS thermal insulation - 30mm. The internal partition walls are pillared with two layers of drywall and mineral wool filling for sound and thermal insulation. The wall covering is of  latex or faience  depending on the type of room. The exterior walls, on the inside of the house, are provided with a wall covering of refractory drywall. The bright height of the rooms is 260 cm. The heating is provided by means of a fireplace and / or air conditioners (also at the client's choice).
  • Façades
    Outside the façade, the metal structure is covered by  a single layer of 9 mm magnesium plate, as 10 cm thick thermal insulation will be applied to it, which will be putty with a mesh. On a  fine plaster surface a mineral plaster will be laid on in color combinations agreed with the designer. A stone or granite tile is provided for the plinth, depending on the client's preferences. The joinery is PVC glazed with double-glazed windows, in color combined with the chosen color for plaster. A waterproof sidewalk with flooring will be made around the building at the client's choice.


Of 699 lv. per m²  the price includes:
• Design;
• Turnkey finish.
* The price does not include foundation.
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